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What is Vessel Documentation?

​Marine vessel documentation is a Federal form of vessel registration which is offered only to U.S. citizens for vessels 5 net tons or more (usually about 27 feet in length). The USCG issues a Certificate of Documentation to each qualifying vessel. This document provides conclusive evidence of the vessel's nationality, as well as clearly identifies the vessel name, hailing port, measurements and ownership information.

Why Document Your Vessel?

​The vessel's Certificate of Documentation serves as evidence of the vessel nationality and ownership is recognized around the world, so owners can enjoy ease of clearing foreign ports. Federal Documentation makes it possible for lending institutions to record a Preferred Ship's Mortgage against the vessel's abstract of title, which makes financing easier.

Why Should I Retain the Services of a Documentation Professional?

​There is usually a lot of paperwork involved in the process and the Federal regulations are constantly changing. If your vessel is financed, a lender may require a vessel documentation professional to prepare and file the mortgage.

Is a Documented Vessel Exempt From Paying State Sales Tax?

​No. In most states, it has no bearing whether a boat is documented or not. Check with your state's tax collector.

Can Anyone Document a Vessel?

​No. You must be a U.S. citizen or a naturalized citizen. If vessel is owned by a corporation, it must be incorporated in the U.S., the CEO and Chairman of the Board must be a U.S. citizen.

​Other Questions?

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